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CricE six a side rules

1. Each team will have six (6) players for each game

2. Each player, except the wicket keeper, is required to bowl one (1) six (6) ball over per game (maximum 5 overs per team, 1 innings per team).

3. In the event of five (5) batsmen being out before the completion of five (5) over’s, the 6th batsman shall continue to bat with the last batsmen acting as a runner only.  Either batsman can then be run out.  The innings is completed if all 6 batsmen are out before five (5) overs are bowled.

4. A Wide or No Ball shall count as one (1) run plus an extra ball to be bowled.

5. No more than two (2) fielders are permitted on leg side.

6. No underarm bowling.

7. Bowler’s run-ups limited to five (5) meters.

8. No player shall play for more than one (1) team during the tournament.

9. The Wicket Keeper must wear full wicket keeping gear (box, pads, and gloves) and must field in a normal wicket keeping position within 10 meters.

10. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the organizing committee will be final.

11. In the event of a tied game, each team will be permitted one (1) further over to be bowled by the player who did not bowl one of the previous 5 overs’ (this would normally be the wicket-keeper).  If the scores are still tied, the match is to be decided on the toss of a coin.

12. Each game is expected to be completed within 45 minutes.  Please keep the time between changes of innings down to a minimum.