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CricE T10 League Rules

1. 11 Players aside.

2. 10 Overs a side game.

3. Players Attire  Colored dress.

4. Compulsory Power Play of first 3 overs.

5. During the Power Play (over no. 1 to 3)  Maximum of 3 fielders allowed outside the 30 yards circle.

6. After the Power Play finishes (from over no. 4 to 10)  There has to be a minimum of 4 fielders always inside the 30 yards’ circle.

7. The used ball will be used for every inning of the match.

8. Each bowler can bowl a maximum of 2 overs.

9. For No Ball,  There will be a free hit for all kinds of No balls.

10. "Wide" or "No Ball” will not be re bowled, only the last over of each bowling innings will be good 6 balls and wide or no-ball will be re bowled.

10 a. 2 runs will be allotted on 1st Wide or No Ball in an over and 4 runs more will be allotted for any more "Wides or No Balls" are bowled in that particular over.

10 b. Only 1 run will be allotted for "Wide or No Ball" in the last over of the bowling innings. But if there are 3 or more than 3 Wides / No Balls then extra 5 runs will be allotted to the batting side.

10 c. All bouncers to or above the shoulder height will be considered as "No Balls".

11. In case of a Tie,  Each team will bowl a Super Over.

12. Imposing of a retirement score is 30 Runs and the retired batsman can come to re bat ( in the same sequence as retired), once the last batsman is out.

13. Each innings will be of 40 mines and failing to complete one's innings in the allotted time will be penalized 5 runs or opposition will be awarded 5 runs per over delayed and umpires will be the sole decider.

14. In case, the match has started and due to some natural cause has to be stopped then the D/L method will be used only if 3 or more overs have been played, otherwise, the match will be abandoned and points will be distributed.

15. Bowling from one end will be done in sets of 5 overs for both innings. The fielding team to choose which end the first set will commence from.

16. All players play at least 1 league game before he plays in Semis or Finals.