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CricE T20-Twenty Cricket Rules

These are general rules, which are being modified over time and they are not used in this form for each game or at all tournaments.

1. There are twenty overs only per side.
2. Each bowler is restricted to a maximum of four overs.
3. Fielding restrictions in the first six overs - two fielders outside the circle with a minimum of two stationary fielders.
4. Fielding restrictions for overs 7-20 - maximum five fielders allowed outside of the circle.
5. A 'no-ball' is worth 2 runs, and the batsman gets a free hit after a no-ball.
6. Each side has just 80 minutes to get through their 20 overs. There is 15 minutes between innings
7. There are run penalties for each over which hasn't been bowled in the allocated time.
8. The next batsman has 90 seconds after the fall of a wicket to get to the crease