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In today’s world, Cricket has become one of the most popular sports. Elegance, appeal and prudence of the game have given the game a royal status. Compared to the popularity of football, Cricket once was just an average game to the viewers of Bangladesh. But with the improved performances of Bangladesh cricket team in world arena, adequate development of cricket infrastructures, manifestations of modern cricket campaigns and flourishing rage of the game has made cricket a popular sport of the country with all classes of spectators. From cities to villages, from day labors to the corporates, cricket now compromises the biggest percentage of fan base of the country as a game. It’s undeniable that Bangladesh’s tape-tennis players, organizers, sponsors, umpires, spectators too have played a vivid role behind this countrywide cricket emeute. We firmly believe that Tape-tennis cricket has been the basis of our cricket. Most players do begin and emerges though tape tennis cricket infrastructures here. The stronger the infrastructure on this foundation, the brighter the future of cricket is supposed to be. We aim to pick the random, cluttered and talented youngsters of the country through an organized and glamorous tape-tennis platform and direct them to mainstream pipelines. Simultaneously we aim to make tape-tennis cricket more popular and encourage sportspersons, organizations and patrons to come forward for the greater recognition of it. About US CricE is a professional sports and entertainment-management organization that wises to be at the leading edge of the promotion, development and expansion of cricket in Bangladesh. CricE has a highly dynamic management team of professionals. The organization is dedicated to provide a center stage for the growth of cricket at all levels in the Bangladesh, from the grassroots in the Upazilla and District levels, to the professional-franchise plateau and the national level. Vision – To become a professionally managed cricket association under the umbrella of BCB. Mission – To ensure that the cricket itself, the players and the spectators are the most important stakeholders and beneficiaries.